To ensure your pets get the best possible treatment whilst you're away, don't hesitate to check them in at the Pets Animal Hotel in Cheshire. We provide dog boarding kennels, cattery facilities and more.


All breeds receive the same high levels of loving care and attention; therefore our charges for all dogs are the same.

Additional dogs from the same family sharing a room will be charged at a reduced rate.

Room Type
First Dog
Second Dog
Première room
Luxury Room
Executive Suite
Please note that all breeds of dog receive the same level of care and attention. However giant breeds will incur a £4 per day surcharge (Inc VAT)
Room Type
First cat
Second Cat
Kitty Cabins
Luxury Cattery
Other Animals
Hamsters, Guinea pigs, Rabbits, etc

All pets are fully insured whilst in our care. Please feel free to phone for prices. Prices are per day not night and include VAT.

All Bank Holidays are charged at double the rate.

To avoid confusion please note.

The day your pet checks into the hotel you will be charged, irrespective of the time. Then, just like any other hotel your pet is welcome to stay until 10.30am on the day of leaving. After this time a second day's charge will be incurred.

To avoid any hard feelings.

Please be aware that most other kennels charge as soon as a new day arrives, we offer this half ten rule as a matter of courtesy to our clients, therefore we would appreciate the same courtesy in return if you happen to be slightly late resulting in you being charged for an extra day.